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New Stock Update!

Just added to significant runs to the site of West Coast Avengers and Blue Beetle! Almost every CPV of those two series in stock. If you’ve been looking for issues from those series, now is the time!

West Coast Avengers #1 (Volume 1) Canadian Price Variant – First team appearance of the West Coast Avengers

West Coast Avengers #1 (Volume 2) Canadian Price Variant – First regular series for the team

Blue Beetle #1 Canadian Price Variant – First DC Solo Series for the Blue Beetle

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Major Reorganization and New Stock Update!

Six months into the site and I decided that the way the comics were organized just wasn’t working for me. I didn’t like having the CPVs and non-CPVs separated into totally different sections of the site because I wanted to be able to see where full runs were complete but not necessarily entirely CPVs or otherwise. So I’ve now combined everything together! Browsing the store is as simple as selecting DC or Marvel. Within each category, you will now find a filter in the top left corner of the sidebar where you can select to see only CPVs, Direct Edition or US Newsstand issues.

With the reorganization, I’ve also added the first 22 issues and 2 annuals of Batman and the Outsiders, nearly all in VF/NM condition! There’s more coming too – I have pretty much the entire run of the series. Stay tuned!

Batman and the Outsiders #1

Batman and the Outsiders Annual #1 Canadian Price Variant – Really nice Frank Miller cover!

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Big Stock Update!

Up now, the first 21 issues of Booster Gold! (and they’re almost all CPVs). Also up, the full mini-series runs (all of them CPVs!) of Jonni Thunder, Iceman and Shazam!: The New Beginning. And finally, a few non-CPV issues of Cloak and Dagger. Oh wait…did I forget these two major key issues of Amazing Spider-Man?! Check ’em out!

Amazing Spider-Man #238 Canadian Price Variant – First appearance of the Hobgoblin!

Amazing Spider-Man #298 – First Todd McFarlane Spider-Man artwork and first cameo apperance of Venom!

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New Stock Update!

Just acquired over 200 new CPVs which I’ll be adding to the site over the coming months! Today, we added some Daredevil, Detective Comics (non-CPV) and Incredible Hulk stock, as well as some key issues of Wonder Woman. I have the first 10 issues in the George Perez Volume 2 run and all are CPVs except #9.

Wonder Woman #1 Canadian Price Variant – New origin of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman #7 Canadian Price Variant – First appearance of Barbara Minerva (who becomes Cheetah)!