Welcome to CPV Comics – your source for Canadian Price Variant comics!

I learned about Canadian Price Variants after a long process of rediscovering comic collecting. My Dad was an avid comic buyer in the 80’s and in the early 90’s, tried to get me into it as well. I can remember growing up in Mississauga, in the mid-90’s, going to Image Collections to buy Marvel trading cards and a comic book here and there. I was particularly into X-Men myself, reading the X-Men 2099 series. That said, I never really got much more into it as sports cards became my main hobby and my Dad’s large collection of comics sat unread until I was in my mid-20’s.

It was then that I received the whole collection as my Dad went about downsizing. Still, it would be another decade before I finally picked up and started reading through the collection. I have an injury to blame – a badly sprained ankle that forced me onto a couch for a week. One after the other, I read through and fell in love with the comic page, discovering the joys of Spider-Man and Batman, the sagas of the Hobgoblin, Year One, and the like!

Green Lantern 201 Canadian Price Variant Scan
The first Canadian Price Variant comic I sold – Green Lantern #201.

Once I’d read through everything I had, I started adding to it, trying to fill in the gaps in the collection to get the whole story. Eventually, my collection started getting pretty big for my small Toronto apartment and I realized I had to trim down. So I decided to investigate selling some of my books which lead me down a rabbit hole of researching eBay, comic book values, and so much more. Somewhere in the daze of this research, I discovered Canadian Price Variants and my mind was opened. As I flipped through my collection, I realized that nearly everything my Dad had left me had that beautiful Canadian price on it. He bought nearly everything off newsstands, comic book shops not being as common in the 80’s.

I put my first batch of listings on eBay and within a week, made my first sale. Green Lantern 201, sold for $40, nearly double its average sale price for the standard issue. As I started going to more and more comic shops in Toronto, I realized that Canadian Price Variant issues really were rare – if I found 1 in 100, I was lucky! And so, this site was born.

My goal is to become the best source of Canadian Price Variant comics in North America and I hope you’ll join me for the ride!