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UPDATE – Store Still Closed due to COVID-19…for now

When I closed CPV Comics in March, I wasn’t really sure where this whole COVID-19 thing was going to go. In that time, I’ve joined a number of comic groups on Facebook and have seen the online comic community continue to roll on. I’ve acquired a number of comics in the last few weeks and have had mixed experience with the postal system. One of the things I’ve been waiting for to reopen is an order of 10 short boxes to move my comics. I ordered them and they were shipping on April 15th. Canada Post finally updated the tracking (for the first time) yesterday, May 2nd to tell me they were in Stoney Creek – which is in the opposite direction from where they should be going. Now they are back in Mississauga where they started their journey and hopefully coming to me soon. Thankfully, my comic orders have been arriving within normal timeframes.

So if I get the comic boxes this week, I could be in a position to officially reopen the shop early next week (around May 11th). I might start adding some new stock to the site this week. Please check back often for updates or follow me on Instagram @cpvcomics.

When I do reopen, for the foreseeable future, I will only be shipping comics once or maybe twice a month (depending on volume) in order to limit my trips to the post office.

In the meantime, be sure to check out my eBay market report on Canadian Price Variant comics sales.


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