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Monthly Update – December

What a busy end of November and early December! First off, the new CPV Price Guide from the Rare Comics Blog is now live! I sold more comics In the weeks that followed its release than I did in all of 2019 prior to November! I’ve also just revised my shipping fees to the United States to make it a little cheaper for bigger orders.

New stock added in the past month include issues of Action Comics, All-Star Squadron, Amazing Spider-Man, Atari Force, Avengers, Batman, Blackhawk, Cops, DC Comics Presents, Defenders, Detective Comics, Elfquest, Flash, Green Arrow, Iron Man, Ka-Zar, Legion of Super-Heroes, Marvel Team-Up, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Power Man and Iron Fist, Power Pack, Secret Origins, Spectacular Spider-Man, Sword of the Atom, Thor, Transformers, Wonder Woman, and X-Men. Whoa, I’ve been busy! Some key CPV issues added include:

Flash #1 (Vol 2) Canadian Price Variant – First solo title for Wally West’s Flash and new character beginning after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Green Arrow #1 Canadian Price Variant – First solo series for Green Arrow and origin of Oliver Queen. We now have the entire 4-issue miniseries in stock.

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