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Fully stocked!

We are now officially fully stocked here at CPV Comics. My entire collection has been uploaded to the site and is ready for sales. Of course, as soon as I finished uploading the last comic, I went out the next week and bought another 20! But that is the plan! We’ll be announcing new stock in the coming weeks.

I’ve decided to change my eBay approach a little bit. For the moment, I’ve relisted everything that I’ve ever added to eBay but that hasn’t sold in the form of Buy-it-now listings. I intend to add one new listing to my “eBay store” roughly every week such that my books will slowly accumulate on eBay. The prices will match those here on the site. The reality is that eBay continues to be my main selling platform until this site gets more visitors though I would much rather folks buy their comics here on CPV Comics! Buying here means less money goes to eBay and more money goes back into the business of buying and stocking new comics which is advantageous to everyone that wants to get their hands on Canadian Price Variant comics!

Keep following along on our journey to become the best source of Canadian Price Variant comics on the internet!

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