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CPV Comics is a Canadian-based online back issues comic book store specializing in Copper Age Marvel and DC Canadian Price Variant comics (CPVs). If that’s not what you’re looking for, we also sell comics from throughout the ages (Silver, Bronze and Copper with a little Modern thrown in here and there). The search box is your best bet to find what you’re looking for – give it a whirl!

Feel free to browse the store and find that comic book that you’ve been looking for, read the CPV Comics origin story or learn about what makes a comic a Canadian Price Variant! If you have questions about ordering, shipping, grading or anything else, have a look at our FAQ.

Total number of known Marvel and DC Canadian Price Variants: 3856
Total number available on this site: Over 600 and growing every day! We’ll get there 🙂

Latest Blog Post

Monthly Update – February Part 2 (2/22/2020)

I’ve been very busy adding new stock throughout the month of February as I get down to processing all the books I picked up over the holidays. You’ll find a number of new Canadian Price Variant key issues available on the site from the Top 100 Collection including:

I’ve also added a couple of other major key issues that pre-date Canadian Price Variants, including among others:

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