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CPV Comics is a Canadian-based online back issues comic book store specializing in Copper Age Marvel and DC Comics that are known as Canadian Price Variants (CPVs). If that’s not what you’re looking for, don’t fret! We also sell Silver, Bronze and Copper Age Marvel and DC Comics that are not Canadian Price Variants.

Feel free to browse the store and find that comic book that you’ve been looking for, hear a little bit about me and my own story or learn about what makes a comic a Canadian Price Variant! If you have questions about ordering, shipping, grading or anything else, have a look at our FAQ.

Total number of known Marvel and DC Canadian Price Variants: 3856
Total number available on this site: Over 525 and growing every day! We’ll get there 🙂

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Monthly Update – February (2/9/2020)

A few small changes to the site design. Firstly, the search box is now responsive and will provide real-time search results within the box which should help cut down on the number of clicks required to get to what you want. Secondly, the browse functionality in the sidebar menu is now a searchable drop-down, to once again get you where you want to be faster.

In other news, we’re now offering International Shipping to most of Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand!

New stock since the last update:

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